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Music Victoria and Green Music Australia co-present Industry round table on campsite litter

15 May 2018

Music Victoria and Green Music Australia co-present Industry round table on campsite litter

Music Victoria was proud to host an Industry roundtable on campsite litter in our offices yesterday - involving key representatives from the festival circuit and a behaviour change expert from Monash Uni, brought together by Green Music Australia.

With festivals across Australia and the world grappling with the trend of punters leaving campsites looking like rubbish dumps, Green Music have been eager to work with festivals to find proactive, engaging and effective ways of keeping campsites clean.

Those in attendance included reps from Falls Festival, Lost Paradise, Earth Frequency, Unify Festival, Inner Varnika, Party in the Paddock, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Earth Warriors, A Festival Called Panama, Grampians Music Festival, Green Music Australia and Music Victoria.

Topics discussed included how to create a culture of respect amongst music lovers, what successful interventions have been made in the past, using the EAST framework to create effective behaviour change interventions, and a brainstorming session on new ideas/strategies for future events. 

Attendees all committed to share resources and insights; attend a followup session to continue the conversation; and further develop their ideas, with the view to launching one or more new initiatives later in the year. 

Music Victoria encourages all festivals, venues and musicians to monitor and minimise their environmental impact and to seek guidance from Green Music Australia in these efforts. 

A key way in which festivals and venues can minimise their impact is by going plastic bottle free and making free water refill stations and/or reusable bottles available for punters and staff.

Max Watts in Melbourne have been successfully phasing out bottled water with Green Music's help and have saved thousands of bottles from landfill in the process. Venues interested in learning how to follow their lead and go bottled water-free can read the case study here.

Green Music Australia and Music Victoria worked together to reduce harmful single-use plastic waste at the 2017 The Age Music Victoria Awards. This was made possible by the introduction of reusable water bottles made available to all artists, staff and volunteers to use while at the Awards. A water refill station was placed backstage to help ensure everyone stayed healthily hydrated. 

Artists and staff were asked to leave the reusable water bottles in a designated bin at the end of the event. Green Music Australia made the process simple by providing the bottles and signage, charging a wash fee per bottle plus a replacement fee for any bottles not accounted for at the end of the event.

These kind of initiatives are hugely important to the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants.

Music Victoria urges musicians, festivals, promoters, labels and venues to pledge to reduce waste and go single-use bottle free in 2018.


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