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CEO Report - July 2017

27 Jul 2017

Dear members and subscribers,

Australia is one of the most regulated countries in the world, which makes it difficult to maintain a thriving visitor economy.
Festivals need to navigate their way through a complex web of laws around planning, liquor licensing, visas, occupational health and safety, security and parking. This can be a huge cost burden on promoters.

The nature of festivals means limited staff are required to perform many different tasks, but regulations don’t allow for this.
Events may grow organically, but then once they become successful, they're penalised for becoming too big. They're often forced to operate under the radar – or to cease. Surely seasoned promoters with a strong track record and management plans shouldn’t have to start every event like it's their first?

Now is your chance to tell the State Government how they can cut red tape to reduce this compliance burden and make it easier to do what you do best: entertain people in a safe environment. 

The Victorian Government Small Businesses Regulation Review (SBRR) is asking for small businesses and industry associations to complete an online survey, or make a submission, to help them understand the experiences small businesses have with regulation and to identify the regulatory issues of most concern. You can find the survey and more info HERE

In other news, we've been busy recruiting two new staff members, reviewing Good Music Neighbours applications, preparing for the launch of Live Music Professionals and getting ready to hit the road for the second Victorian Music Crawl. 

See you at a gig soon,
MV crew.

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