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FAQ: Grants and Funding

If you are specifically after COVID-19 grants, please click here.


Music Victoria does not distribute grants, but there are numerous funding opportunities available to musicians in Victoria. Here is a list of Victorian and National funding bodies and organisations who can offer funding assistance. Good luck!

Tips and advice:

  • If you are applying for a grant, prepare well in advance and consult the relevant organisations for advice. Well thought-out grants can take a lot of work. You don’t have to complete it in one go – you can usually work on them online and save them for a later date.
  • The judging panels are not looking for a press release; they want a well thought-out project plan and a practical budget that balances. It’s a good idea to bounce your ideas off someone else for an objective opinion.
  • Most funding panels are comprised of musicians, so bear in mind your peers will be judging it. Don’t be intimidated and don’t lose faith if you get rejected. You can ask for constructive feedback from the organisation and submit an improved application somewhere else.
  • If you are using a grant writer, make sure you give them all of the necessary relevant information, and ask them for testimonials from successful applicants they have previously worked for. 
    Need the services of an experienced grant writer? Find one here.
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