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Introducing "Changes" - Music, Tech, Talks & Ideas. Melbourne - July 4 & 5

15 May 2018

Introducing "Changes" - Music, Tech, Talks & Ideas. Melbourne - July 4 & 5

In 2018, the Australian music industry has found a place on the world stage unlike any it previously occupied. Now recognised as an incubator of innovative artists, thought-leading professionals, and vibrant music scenes, the music industry needs an event that can keep pace with its rapid evolution. On July 4 and 5 2018, CHANGES, a collaboration between The Push, Yarra City Council, Music Victoria and the Victorian music community, is assembling a roster of ground breaking voices, programming, and events to outline a new path through the following:


Victorian artists in 2018 are setting a new agenda in the national music discourse. By partnering with local labels, agents and music organisations, CHANGES’ live music program will represent the most inventive artists in Victoria. Over two nights in Fitzroy and Collingwood - the epicenter of the music community in Australia’s live music capital, Melbourne - CHANGES will collaborate with some of Victoria’s leading artists to field a series of showcases that demand national and international attention.


With the music industry constantly redefining itself around technological innovation, CHANGES will broaden your perspective on how we interact with music. Whether it’s repurposing old technology, pioneering new methods of access and engagement, or examining how our lives and art are changing with these refreshed perspectives, CHANGES will lead the discussion on redeveloping the music industry.


Sharing knowledge inspires new ideas and innovation. With a curated selection of 30 minute talks from local and international experts, one-on-one meetings, workshops and masterclasses, CHANGES is engineering a contemporary format for music industry conferences. Challenging beliefs and inviting new ways of thinking, these talks will present informed, actionable advice on navigating the current and future music climate.


CHANGES is a platform for open discussion in an inclusive and collaborative environment, providing the opportunity to establish meaningful connections and transform ideas into realities. Through facilitating an open dialogue on the current music industry, CHANGES is the force to ignite the question: what’s next?

Headquartered within the stunning ACU Melbourne Campus, on July 4 and 5, CHANGES will begin to draw a roadmap for the future.


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