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~Reminder~ Music Victoria AGM 6pm Thursday 7 December 2017, extension of deadline for proxy forms

5 Dec 2017

Dear Music Victoria Members,

A reminder that the Annual General Meeting of Contemporary Music Victoria Inc. ('Music Victoria') will be held at the offices of Music Victoria, Level 1, 49 Tope Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205 from 6:00pm sharp until 7:00pm this Thursday 7 December 2017 (doors from 5.30pm). Please have your member number handy, otherwise photo ID. Members are invited by Music Victoria staff and the Committee of Management ('Board') to stay for light refreshments after the AGM.

~NOTE~ Music Victoria has extended the deadline for receipt of completed proxy forms to 6pm Tuesday 5 December 2017 in order to provide members with time to consider and select candidates for election to the Board, and the proposed amended Rules of Association.

All current financial members of Music Victoria (as at 23 November 2017) are welcome and encouraged to attend. If your membership has lapsed, you are not entitled to attend or vote at the AGM.

Members will be able to vote on the election of four (4) members to the Board - see below.

Members will also vote on amendments to the Rules of Association of Music Victoria ('Rules'), namely updating the Rules to refer to committee members/directors of Music Victoria, collectively, as 'the Board', instead of 'Committee of Management' - see below.

Members who are unable to attend can complete a proxy form which is to be completed, signed and submitted by 6pm Tuesday 5 December 2017, with that nominated proxy member to be in attendance in person at the AGM to cast that proxy vote as nominee.

Finally, please see the Music Victoria 2016-17 Annual Report for you to read in advance of the AGM.


We have received eight (8) nominations from Music Victoria members for election to the four (4) available positions on the Music Victoria Committee of Management ('the Board'):

  • Sarah Blaby;
  • Jeremy Gronow;
  • Ian James;
  • Matthew Kennedy;
  • Michelle Nicol;
  • Chris O'Neill;
  • Chrissie Vincent; and
  • Chelsea Wilson.
Their biographies have been compiled here, and nominees will be invited to make a short verbal presentation to members present at the AGM. Unless you have completed a lodged a proxy form with the Secretary of Music Victoria by 6pm Tuesday 5 December 2017, and your nominated proxy is in attendance at the AGM, you will need to be present at the AGM to vote on the election of nominees.



Members of Music Victoria will vote on proposed amended Rules of Association, the governing document of the organisation. The proposed amendments are minor in nature, and in summary updates terminology used by the organisation, including referring to:

  • members of the Committee of Management as Directors;
  • the Committee of Management as 'Board'; and
  • the President as 'Chair', and Vice-President as 'Deputy Chair'.
Members can view the current Rules of Association here, and the proposed amended Rules of Association (changes marked up) for vote to be adopted at the AGM on 7 December 2017.


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