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Live entertainment in Australia report: Size and Scope of the Live Entertainment Industry 2010

18 Jun 2010

A report commissioned by Live Performance Australia (LPA), the peak body for Australia’s live entertainment and performing arts industry, shows that Australia’s live entertainment industry generates over $2 billion a year, making it a bigger business than film and video production, sports and physical recreation, book publishing, and horse and dog racing.

The study, called Size and Scope of the Live Entertainment Industry 2010 and conducted by the financial advisers Ernst & Young, found that in 2008, the industry generated $1.88 billion in revenue and contributed $1.1 billion to the economy.

This study is largely based on ticket revenue and events data sourced from Live Performance Australia’s 2008 ticket revenues and events survey. While national in reach, the coverage excludes smaller events such as in regional venues, free performances, and also schools’ performances of the Australian Major Performing Arts Group companies. Moreover, it was noted that revenues at festivals and non-classical music events were under-reported. For instance, some festivals maintain their own ticketing systems and are not part of the survey. In addition, the contemporary music category is subject to similar limitations; as pub and club venues that self-ticket, or use ticketing companies who are not part of that survey, are not included in the results.

The Non Classical Music category, by far the largest performance category generated a value add of $405.8 million to economy, representing 40.2% of the total value add by the industry. As the majority of weekly live performance events, venues and ticket sales have not been included in the initial survey, we can only conclude that this economic study provides a conservative estimate of the economic contribution of the Live Entertainment Industry in Australia.


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