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Participants will: 

  • Receive coaching in key areas tailored to their individual or business needs
  • Receive three, one-on-one coaching sessions with a variety of music industry and other professionals who will answer their questions and provide support and advice
  • Have access to networking opportunities and will receive free tickets to attend Face The Music, Victoria's annual contemporary music industry conference.

These opportunities will help participants expand their networks and assist with their efforts to run a sustainable, long-term businesses that supports live, original music.

Participants will:

  • Attend a regional launch event where they will partake in two, one-on-one coaching sessions with a music industry professional while also participating in a small workshop session/networking event.
  • Utilise an online forum for the duration of the program where they can network with other participants and coaches and utilise the forum to answer questions and receive feedback and support.
  • Attend one further coaching session, with a music industry professional, in metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Attend Face The Music industry conference where they will be involved in a tailored workshop and also receive an exclusive invitation to a live music networking/program conclusion event.
  • Be required to complete a post-program questionnaire.

Approximately four months with the first program commencing in August 2017and concluding at Face The Music in November 2017. Applications for the second round will open in early 2018.

In event order, participant time commitments will be as follows (not including travel time, subject to change):

  • Two to three hours (pre-program launch) to personally meet with the project manager in order to create a working plan for the one-on-one coaching sessions. (This meeting will generally take place in your music venue or at a location as agreed to by yourself and the project manager.)
  • One-and-a-half days (afternoon, evening and the following day) for the regional launch event (scheduled mid-week).
  • One hour to attend a metropolitan coaching session hosted at the Music Victoria office in South Melbourne.
  • Two days to attend the Face The Music industry conference, including one to two hours for the networking/program conclusion event.
  • Participants can dedicate as much or as little time as they chose to utilising the online forum.

Prior to the commencement of the program, you will meet with the Live Music Professionals project manager in order to create a plan which will help you maximise your time spent with the coaches. You will receive three, one-on-one, hour-long coaching sessions with music industry professionals who will coach you in areas in which you require support as identified in your application and at your pre-program meeting with the Project Manager.

We will cover accommodation, lunch and dinner for our program launch event which will happen in regional Victoria. We will also cover the cost of the Face the Music conference tickets and snacks/drinks will be provided at the networking/program conclusion event at Face The Music. We will also cover the cost of the business coaches and workshop(s).

Yes! We strongly encourage people from all over the State of Victoria to apply for our program.

Select the stream which you dedicate the most time to, or you feel you require the most support with. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the difference between each stream.

Please select the venue which you spend the majority of your time working for, or the venue which could best utilise the resources and support of the program.

An independent promoter will organise events/gigs or festivals and be responsible for every aspect of organising the event. They may do some, or all of the following: book the band/s, find and book the venue, organise production for the event, publicise and promote the event and organise payment to relevant parties. A venue band booker is someone who works for a specific venue/s and books bands on a regular basis for the venue/s. This person would be paid by the venue for their duties. Venue owners and venue managers will sometimes wear multiple hats and fill the role of the band booker. Generally venues will not be responsible for promoting an event.

Face The Music is an annual, two-day music industry conference held in Melbourne. As a participant of this program you will receive free tickets to Face The Music and be required to attend. The conclusion of the Live Music Professionals program will happen at Face The Music as a specialised networking event.

Yes! No matter what level your computer and social networking skills are at, we encourage all suitable candidates to apply. If computer and social networking skills are something you require support in, then this can be an area that you identify as needing coaching in.

No! It doesn’t matter what genre/s of music you support/book.




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