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Champion Victorian music.

Contemporary Music Victoria Inc. (Music Victoria) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation and the state peak body for contemporary music.  It represents musicians, venues, music businesses and professionals, and music lovers across the contemporary Victorian music community.  Music Victoria provides advocacy on behalf of the music sector, actively supports the development of the Victorian music community, and celebrates and promotes Victorian music.

Access to well informed specialists

In order to ensure that the policy debate within the industry is evidence based, Music Victoria is engaging with specialists who will undertake research, provide commentary and, where appropriate, deliver written reports.


The music industry in Victoria is a disparate group engaged in a wide range of activities. They have shared needs but also individual and sometimes conflicting objectives. Music Victoria is currently engaged in reconciling differences and presenting a united voice to Government to contribute to setting the policy agenda now and into the future.

Providing a forum

Music Victoria provides forums for different members of the music community to raise and discuss key issues facing their sector, including the formation of industry sub-committees.

Skills and professional development

Music Victoria will map the industry to identify skills gaps, support industry development initiatives and advocate for programs to equip the industry with the necessary skills to expand their opportunities through professional development and coaching.


Music Victoria will be nationally and internationally renowned for: Realising the potential of Victorian music through a strong, progressive and independent voice.

Identifying role of music industry in wider social policy challenges

Music Victoria will develop relationships across Government to identify and promote the role that music can play in addressing wider social issues. This could include, for example, the role of music in promoting mental health.


Music Victoria is providing a strategic and representative voice for the Victorian music industry at the state and national level to ensure that there is a co-ordinated response to emerging issues faced by the industry as well as responding to other economic and cultural opportunities.

Music Victoria is currently advocating the interests of the industry on critical bodies such the Liquor Control Advisory Council (LCAC), the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) and the Arts Industry Council of Victoria. It is also strengthening its relationship with Arts Victoria and developing its relationship with Regional Arts Victoria, Tourism Victoria, the City of Melbourne, and local councils.

Research, Information and Education

Music Victoria will undertake its survey of industry trends and needs each year in order to track the development of the industry in Victoria and identify policy and industry development needs. Its research will be specific and issues-based and will not seek to duplicate research already undertaken elsewhere.


Music Victoria is proudly supported by :